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We focus on but are not limited to applications in medical industry. Here listed are just a few. Please contact us for your needs and we are more than happy to work with you. 


  • Balloon Dilation Tube

  • Stone retrieval balloon

  • Snare

  • Stone retrieval basket

Neurological Intervention

  • Microcatheter

  • Extension catheter

Vascular Intervention​

  • Angiographic catheter

  • Guiding catheter

  • PTCA/PTA balloon

  •  Thrombectomy catheter

Cardiac Intervention​

  • Cardiac radiofrequency ablation catheter

  • Electrophysiological tube


  • Needle Holaer

  • Disposable Retrieval Bag

  • Electric hook

  • Laparoscopy

  • multi-leaf pliers

  • Electric rod



  • Ureteral Access Sheath

  • Nephrocutaneus Dilator Set & Sheaths

  • Dilation Balloon Catheter

  • Clear Petra Access Sheath

  • Ureteral Stents

  • Stone Retrieval Baskets

OB & Gynecology

  • Embryo transfer catheter

  • Disposable endometrial Suction  curettage tube

  • Individual Retroaction Retrieval Needle


  • Sinus Balloon

  • Sinus stent

  • Hearing aids


  • Luminescence immunoassay analyzer

  • Biochemical Analyzer

  • Blood cell analyzer

  • Urine Analyzer

  • Coagulation detection system

Disposable Endoscope

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