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Specs and Features:

  • Tripple-layer microcatheter

  • ID: 0.022"

  • Distal ending: ≤ 2.4F;

  • featured with PTFE liner, metal braides/NiTi coil middle layer and Pebax jacket.

  • Radiopaque marker band available for easy location.

  • Multi-section Pebax outer layer with variable diameter and flexural strength were elaborately tailored to achieve soft distal ending and strong proximal ending of the catheter.

  •  Metal braides/NiTi coil joint in the middle layer to balance the pushability and  flexibility of the catheter and  facilitates its passing  through the winding blood vessels.

  • Highly lubricated inner and outer layers not only ensures the convenient delivery of the catheter itself but also alleviates the harm to the patient.

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